We live in a chaotic and unforgiving world. Inspiration and engagement in the workplace have reached some of the lowest levels ever. Because of this, productivity and satisfaction are becoming harder to manifest and maintain. Many people feel overwhelmed, overworked, or unsatisfied with the work they are doing. Perhaps you're grinding your way through each day, always trying to make it to Friday, only to start the process over again on Monday.

Our Reclaim Your Vitality Package is designed to teach you how to reignite your passion and excitement for your work. You learn how to retrain your brain and become more aware of what causes your lack of inspiration/drive and the actions necessary to overcome them. You also learn the importance of goal setting and proactive thinking and are able to adapt and inspire despite any challenges you may face.

For $297, you receive 10 lessons and 6.5 hours of video content that includes:

  • Three 1-hour training videos with our founder/CEO Margaret Graziano about Emotional Intelligence, Change Agility, and Individual Goal Setting

  • Two Brain Hacks: One on Emotional Intelligence to immediately increase Self-Awareness and one on Personal Accountability to increase focus and mindfulness

  • An instructional video on how to perform a future-self meditation exercise

  • Lessons on Retraining your Brain to effectively assess changes and respond quickly and appropriately to them

  • Lessons on developing Emotional Intelligence to help you understand and manage your emotional responses to stressful situations

  • Lessons on developing Personal Accountability so that you can be more productive and focused on the moment

  • Lessons on Goal Setting to help you increase inspiration and drive in yourself and those around you

  • Lessons on Proactive Thinking to help you prepare and respond to challenges rather than struggling to deal with them as they appear

  • Interactive Modules, Skill Building Exercises, Tools, and Job Aids for each lesson to help you maximize your learning and achieve results

In this package, you get specific instructions and actions to reignite your personal and professional drive and thrive in your work once again.

Course Modules

    1. Future Self Meditation (10 minutes)

    2. Values Exercise (1 minute)

    3. Values Exercise Workbook

    1. Description of Emotional Intelligence

    2. Emotional Intelligence Training (60 minutes)

    3. Response Agility (30 minutes)

    4. Response Agility Webinar (70 minutes)

    5. Surrendering Control (30 minutes)

    6. Triggers Tool

    7. Response Agility Thought Flow

    8. Emotional Intelligence: Brain Hack

    1. Description of Accountability

    2. Personal Accountability (40 minutes)

    3. Competency Definitions

    4. Competency Reference Guide

    5. The ABCs of MAXIMIZERS

    6. Implementing PACA

    7. PACA Conversation Planning Worksheet (English Version)

    8. 555

    9. Get it, Want it, and Capacity (GWC)

    10. 6 Big Rocks

    11. Accountability Chart

    12. Personal Accountability: Brain Hack

    1. Individual Goal Setting (55 minutes)

    2. My Vision Exercise Workbook

    3. Project Scheduling (40 minutes)

    4. Time Management (30 minutes)

    5. Monthly Goal Accountability Template

    6. My Vision Exercise

    7. One-Year Goals Template

    8. The Next Five Years

    9. 4 Quadrants of Time Management

    10. Coaches Triangle

    11. Response Agility Thought Flow

    12. 6 Big Rocks Template

    13. Circle Process - Filled In

    14. Circle Process - Blank

    1. Proactive Thinking (30 minutes)

About this course

  • $297.00
  • 10 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

We have earned the seal of approval from one of the largest certifications bodies in the world. By taking this course, you can earn HRCI credits!

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