21st Century Leadership Course

Leaders in the 21st century face unprecedented challenges. To be agile and innovative in today’s climate you have to embrace the ability to learn, grow, and master new ways to understand and lead people. It all starts by looking within.

Leaders in the 21st century face unprecedented challenges. To be agile and innovative in today’s climate, you must embrace the ability to learn, grow, and master new ways to understand and lead people.

We understand you are doing much more with much less; planning effectively with the right priorities can be daunting, and it’s critical in managing a large amount of responsibilities with fewer resources. 

Typically for busy leaders, the stress mounts, producing desired results, challenges the quality of your work/life balance, and important personal development gets put on the back burner. 

With employee and team burnout being at all-time highs and disengagement being at all-time lows, ramping up your ability to inspire people and connect them to their purpose and the Noble cause of the organization is an urgent matter. 

Whether it’s managing your stress or supporting those you serve to effectively navigate change, there has never been a more important time to take your leadership to the next level as NOW. 

If you see yourself and your team members in any of these scenarios it’s time to elevate your leadership effectiveness. 

Between the aftermath of a global landslide, social and political unrest, and economic uncertainty employees need support, encouragement, and development to access and optimize their genius at work. 

Stronger trust, deeper alignment, and better communication are all components of fostering a healthy, intentional, and high-performance company culture and require focused development to improve.

21st Century Leadership training is designed to empower and enable you to operate as the best leader possible. 

Our 21st Century Leadership online training program takes you from where you are now to where you aspire to be. It is an ideal companion to our real-time Leadership Accelerator program which offers 12 comprehensive and interactive workshops that give you the opportunity to go deep with each training subject.   With our well-thought-out, integrated leadership development learning modules, we guide and coach you to strengthen your leadership from the inside out.

What to expect:

This training is brought to you through 6 easy to digest learning sections

It begins by guiding you in developing the leader within and continues with thorough training in each of the core competencies required to be a well-rounded 21st Century leader. The training emphasizes behaviors and skills required to be someone who collaborates and affiliates, thereby optimizing the collective genius in your organization and producing the results required for the company to thrive.

In the first section, 21st Century Leadership Overview you get a deep understanding of what the Affiliate and Collaborate Leadership model is and why it is crucial for leading people towards an Emergent Culture. This also includes 80 minutes of training with Magi as she discusses the importance of this program and its core components.

In Section 2: Awakening the Leader Within, you are guided to cultivate your optimal leader.  You are coached through a process to create your calling, identify your values and set inspiring goals for your career and your life. 

In this section, we offer you three in-depth E-learning modules packed with additional resources and tools that give you comprehensive training in how to optimize your leadership superpowers and turn your goals into reality: 21st Century Leadership Leadoff, Retraining the Brain, and Emotional Intelligence.

The 21st Century Leadership Leadoff gives you the right tools to become agile and innovative in today’s climate, allowing you to embrace the ability to learn, grow, and master new ways to understand and lead people. 

The Retrain the Brain Module explains how continuous learning, personal drive motivation, and neuroplasticity interconnect to rewire your brain. Specifically, you learn how to keep your brain healthy and high-functioning with the five keys to neuroplasticity.

The Emotional Intelligence Module teaches you about Response Agility and surrendering

control, two key skills in regulating your moods and developing emotional intelligence.

The third section, Catalyze Leader from the Front,  ignites inspirational conversations that connect people to the leader and the vision. The skills developed in this section are the ability to envision an outcome, communicate it effectively, as well as inspire contribution and alignment from others and engage others to come forth and take ownership of their role. The online learning that accompanies our workshop training modules is Inspiring others.

In the Inspiring Others Module, you learn about the three competencies necessary to

inspire others and how to effectively convey role value through empathy, and strong interpersonal skills, by aligning roles, responsibilities, and goals to the noble cause and organizational objectives.

The fourth section, Elevate the Leader from the Side, allows the emergence of a more robust and creative solution – Synergy. It’s not dividing the jobs; it's about taking the approach that we’re in it together –100%/100% – while remaining fully in touch and grounded in what’s important to your values, personal calling and organizational commitments. The online learning that accompanies our workshop training modules is Communications Intelligence..

The Communications Intelligence Module encourages you to go beyond the surface level to discover what goes into powerful and effective communication. You learn to distinguish between listening and hearing, defining and recognizing balanced communication. You build competency at having conversations that build mutual accountability, alignment and a stake in the game. 

The fifth Section, Optimize the Leader from Behind, is about Serving. Servant leadership at its BEST. Service from the heart. It’s not about sacrifice or fixing. It serves the best expression. “What’s needed? And how can I serve that?”

In this section, you are exposed to five modules: Accountability, Goal Achievement, Employee Development, Hiring for High-Performance Team, and Building a High-Performance Team.

The Accountability Module provides the knowledge and skills to strengthen your ability to be accountable for yourself and others. You develop practices that support you delegate effectively, simplifying and communicating expectations, and holding people accountable.

In the Goal Achievement Module, you learn the disciplines of project scheduling and

time management, two critical skills for any successful leader. Specifically, you delve into the five phases of project management, how to break a project down, setting ground rules, and the importance of realistic deadlines.

In the Employee Development Module, you gain critical insights and knowledge into the employee development process. Specifically, you learn to identify a person’s natural

behavioral and communicate through their lens rather than yours.

In the Hiring for High-Performance Team Module,  you learn two crucial tools for an effective hiring process. First, you learn about a Comprehensive Position Requirement (CPR), which is an overview of what success looks like in a given position. You gain knowledge of the important facets of CPR, including the difference between a CPR and a job description, the different key elements, the steps to create one, and the various ways it’s used.

In the Building a High-Performance Team Module, you learn to discern the different DISC styles and understand their role and impact on the team. You also learn the stages of

team development: forming, storming, norming, and performing.

In the last section, Synthesize the Leader from the Field; we go beyond what is known or predictable and activate our instinct, imagination, and intuition. By slowing down and letting go of our need to find an immediate solution, we can lean in and trust what’s here for us.

In this section, you explore the Creativity and Innovation Module.

In the Creativity and Innovation Module, you learn the qualities and skills to be a creative and innovative leader. Self-confidence and taking the initiative are critical traits for creative leadership, and you learn to identify the behaviors that increase these traits, such as recognizing and sharing credit, accepting criticism, seeking out knowledge, and taking advantage of professional networks.

Course Modules

    1. Overview Training with Magi (90 minutes)

    2. 7 Levels of Organizational Effectiveness (14 mins)

    1. Co-Active Leadership Model Explanation Video (7 mins)

    1. Awakening the Leader Within

    2. Response Agility (70 minutes)

    1. Description: 21st Century Leadership Lead Off

    2. Leading Others (10 minutes)

    3. Activity 1: Leading Others

    4. Activity 2: Choosing Battles Wisely

    5. Activity 3: Vision and Motivation

    6. Activity 4: Personnel Development

    7. Results Orientation (15 minutes)

    8. Activity 5: Results-Oriented Attitude

    9. Activity 6: Next Steps-Part1

    10. Activity 7: Next Steps – Part 2

    11. Activity 8: Day-To-Day Results

    12. 100 Successes

    13. 100 Goals

    14. 21st Century Leadership Kick Off: Brain Hacks (2 mins)

    15. Student Reflection: 21st Century Leadership Lead Off

    1. Description of Retrain the Brain

    2. Continuous Learning (10 minutes)

    3. Activity 1: Broadening Your Knowledge Base

    4. Personal Drive (10 minutes)

    5. Activity 1: Top-Level Planning

    6. Neuroplasticity Growth (10 minutes)

    7. Habit Formation Worksheet

    8. Health Wellness Book

    9. Retrain the Brain: Brain Hack (1 min+)

    10. 21st Century Leadership Retrian the Brain: Student Reflection

    1. Description of Emotional Intelligence

    2. Response Agility (10 minutes)

    3. Activity 1: What Are My Triggers?

    4. Surrendering Control (10 minutes)

    5. Triggers Tool

    6. Response Agility Thought Flow

    7. Emotional Intelligence: Brain Hack

    8. 21st Century Leadership Emotional Intelligence: Student Reflection

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  • 12 modules
  • 12 hours of video content

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